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        When Jesus say's, " Come to me,"

                   He doesn't say come to religion,

                    a system, or to a certain doctrine.

                   This is a very personal invitation

                     to God , an invitation to the savior.

                    In essence, Christianity is nothing

                   more , nothing less than a desire

                    and an effort to see Jesus. That's all

                   it is. We're trying to catch a glimpse

                    of a man, not a program, not a plan

                  not a system, not a doctrine. We're

                    trying to see a man who called Him-

                   self the son of  God. Our God is not

                   aloof- He's not so far above us that

                 He can't see and understand our

                problems. Jesus isn't a God who

                 stayed on the mountain top- He's

                 a savior who came down and lived

                 and worked with the people. Every-

                  where He went, the crowds followed,

                   drawn together by the magnet that was

             and is the savior.

                  The life of Jesus Christ is a message of

                 hope, a message of mercy, a message of
                life in a dark world.

                Reprinted from the Max Lucado's

               Inspirational Study Bible







                           Creations Of Praise