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               What is the grace of GOD?
             The grace of
                  God says you serve God because
                    you're saved, not in order to be  
                 love people because
                you're saved, and not in
               order to be saved.

                You're not trying to keep
              a legalistic system,
               you're responding to a
                system of love and peace.
              What is grace?
               It's what someone gives us
              out of the goodness of
              their hearts, not out
               of the perfection of ours.
             The story of grace
             is the good news

                   that says that when we come,
                   he gives. That's what grace is.
                   Grace is a pleasant surprise.
                    Grace is a kind gesture.
                  Grace is something
                   you did not expect.

                    It is something you certainly
                   could never earn.
                     But grace is something
                     you'd never turn down.
                    You know what happens
                  when someone sees
                   the grace of God?

                     When someone really tastes
                      the forgiving and liberating
                    grace of God. Some-
                    one who tastes God's
                      grace is the hardest worker,
                    the most morally pure
                    individual, and the person
                    most willing to forgive.

                       Note: "Jesus say's, My grace is 
                          deeper than your sins.
                        Reprinted From Max Lucado's
                     Inspirational Study Bible