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                                  This is part one of a two part message, that 

                              God gave me and my sister Kristie. To read the second part,

                               "Our love Toward God" click here, and may you receive a blessing!


        The Love Of God
                   1 John 3:1-Behold what manner of love the Father
                   hath bestowed upon us that we should be called
                 the sons of God. Jesus wants us to know
                    He loves us, that no one could love us quite like He loves us.
                   He wants us to get it down in our hearts, not just
                   to know He loves us, but to KNOW He loves us.
                   He wants us to have a daily knowledge of His
                   love. A heart knowledge of His love. He wants
                us to know it even if we can't feel Him.
                    He's always there, and He always loves us. Gods
               love is so amazing and so real. All my life I
               searched for a love such as Gods love. I tried
                 to find it in earthly things, but always came up
                empty. Some may look at a sordid past and
                 think God couldn't possibly love me. But we
                 must remember Jesus died for us while we were
                 sinners. The love I've found in Jesus knows no
                 boundaries, He doesn't keep a record of all our
                 wrong we've done. His love is truly unconditional,
                   and has no expiration date.
                This love of God is true  and  genuine.
                 When we all get the heart knowledge of Gods
                  love the church will come together in unity.
                  Well treat each other like God wants us to.
                  There'll be no bickering or backbiting. Well not
                  gossip about one another.
                  Well prefer our brother & sister over ourselves.
                   If you'll take a moment to notice- You'll see
                  how the devil fights Gods children one against
                 another. To obtain the heart knowledge of Gods
                   love, Were not to listen to the devil. Were to
                   walk a close walk an everyday walk with Jesus.
                    Were to absorb His love daily. Talk with Him
                    as you would talk your dearest friend. Because
                   He truly your dearest friend. For when you fill
                   yourself totally, your whole being with Jesus and
                   His love, how can there be any room for strife or
                   bad thoughts?  So when the devil comes and tells
                     his lies, you can say, sorry there's no room here
                     for you and your lies.
                     Proverbs 16:3-commit your-selves unto the Lord and
                    your thoughts will be established. Draw nigh
                       to Jesus and He'll draw nigh to you. Daily,
                      He's madly, crazy in love with you. Don't worry about
                       what tomorrow may bring.
                    God takes care of us, if we seek Him and His
                     righteousness He'll supply all our needs. So
                   don't fear tomorrow for God's already there. So
                   let's remember where your treasure is, there your
                    heart will be also.
                    Let Jesus be your treasure keep Him in your heart.
                     So don't let the devil get you down, discouraged,
                  feeling hopeless unlovable, and alone.
                    Don't let your mind be controlled any longer,
                      We serve one whose greater.
                   Because greater  is He who is in me
                     than he who is in the world.

                                                                       Written By Pam





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