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Since June 17,1997 I've known the wonderful love of
Jesus Christ. I have been blessed with several different
tasks to do for Him. Each new and exciting in it. And it's
all because He sends me. Now He's directing, and guiding
me on this wonderful Christian Ministry, through the making
of a Christian Website! Before this I had, and still have doors
open for the different prison Ministries. I have taught the Word
in several different churches, and I also sing for Him. Now he
has led me into this Ministry for Him.

I have been fought profusely by the devil and his imps, but
with Christ leading me, I know it will all come together soon.
My Mom, who already has three Site's:

From The Heart, Web Praise For Jesus, and Web Praise

has helped me so much! She is a true warrior for Jesus, and
I thank God for her, and her help! My greatest desire is to serve
the Lord.  I believe that is one reason that God has directed me here.

I am married to a wonderful man, whom I believe that God
sent to me. He supports me in anything that God calls me to
do. He is either with me when I teach the Word, or he is
watching our children so I can study/prepare a Message.
I am a stay-at-home Mom, only because of God and a husband
who knows how important it is for me to be here.

Our first child, Brian mine from a previous marriage looks
to his step-dad as a father. He is 15 and very talented with
his electric guitar. God taught him how to play. He just picked
it up and started playing! He is currently planning a passport
trip with our Church. They will be going to Florida to help the less
fortunate there. I pray he will always want to help other's!

Our next child is Sierra. She will be four in July. She is a child
that loves to be cuddled, and  hugged. She is a bit on the spoiled
side. but not to extreme. She loves to be told about our Lord, and
she loves to talk about Jesus, and His love for us. She also likes
me to tell her of his return.

Our last child is Naomi, our 7 month old. We feel she is our
precious gift. My story of her miraculous birth can be found here
Birth Of A Miracle

Thank you so much for stopping by! My prayer is that you will
always have God's most abundant blessings!