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Birth Of A Miracle
My Story

Often before we see the birth of our miracle,
we must first endure a period of pain and
suffering while we are waiting for it to be born.
Just as a woman must endure labor. This article
is to share with you the birth of my miracle.

My husband Mark and I had tried for over a  year
to have another child. I was in my thirties  and I knew
I wanted to have another child while  I could. After waiting
 a  year without conceiving,  I made an appointment with
my doctor. We were  told that I could not possibly conceive,
due to the fact that my body was not producing
enough estrogen.

They explained that there was no chance of ever
conceiving without the aid of fertility drugs. At best,
even with the help of the drug, my chances were slim.
I took the drug for five months, but nothing was happening.
The drug made me nauseous, and the  doctors could not
explain why such a low dosage would make me feel
this way.

So I decided I didn't want to conceive this way, even
if I could. I knew in my heart that if I ever had
another baby, God could make it happen. Within two
months of being off  the drug, I was finally pregnant.
The doctors all had to admit that God had sent me a
miracle straight from heaven. I would like to be able at 
this point to say that from that point on all was fine and 
wonderful. But it wasn't! This pregnancy was by far the 
most difficult one I had experienced. I was in pain for
most of the nine months. I gained an extreme amount
of weight, and was extremely uncomfortable.

I also went two weeks over my due date! But I refused
to complain; I knew the old joy robber satan would have
loved that. That's one of his main goals, is to get a child of
God to complain about their miracles I went into labor at
Four am on a Wednesday morning. It was not until six PM
that evening that my husband and I dropped off our two
 other kids at his mother's house and drove me to
the hospital.

When we arrived, I was told that nothing was happening.
Although I was in pain, I had only dilated a centimeter
in ten hours of labor. I could not understand this because
my pains were getting stronger with each passing one
they were at this point coming every five to ten minutes
apart. They sent me back home. I was so afraid I was
going to have the baby at home! Around eight PM
we went back to the hospital. I knew I was in labor
whether they said I was dilating or not!

They checked me again and discovered I still had not
made any further progress. My pains were coming at
this point every two to five minutes apart, and getting
increasingly stronger. I refused to go back home, so
the nurses finally got a room ready for me, and called
my doctor. They decided I could stay, but not be
admitted until I started to make progress. Meanwhile,
my husband was busy calling our family and friends to let
them know what was going on and to request prayer. I
was checked hourly; my pains were still getting Stronger
and stronger and were two minutes apart at ten PM.

Satan kept trying to convince me I was going to die.
He said, "you're suffering severe pain, the pains are
getting  stronger with each one, but your not dilating
you are going to die." All I could do at this point was
to  call him a liar. I believed that God had provided me
this miracle, and I continued to believe that He was
going to see me through.

Finally by one-thirty am I was pleading to Jesus for
some relief. A nurse heard me and came in to check on me.
Finally I had started to make some progress. By 2 AM
I was admitted and  given some pain medication. The
pain for the most part was then over and my miracle
was on it's way to being born! By three-fifty that
morning I held my tiny Miracle in my arms!!

Thank you, Jesus!

God showed me through all this that sometimes there
is a period of waiting, of pain and suffering before we
can birth a miracle. So if you feel in your pain and
uncertainties that you just can't take it another minute,
hold on, don't give up! Your miracle is in the making, it's
right at the door. Hold on, don't let go of hope you will
have your miracle whatever it may be! Don't let satan
rob you, don't let go too soon and miss God's blessing
for you! Hold on!

Written By: Pamela