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 The Plight Of Two Warriors
This poem was birthed by the lives of
two warriors who have been called
into joint battle against the forces of
 hell and darkness...whose lives are

a sacrifice to bring
deliverance to the world.  
       In the caverns of a world where darkness reigns

       Forces are gathered with blood dripping stains
      Stains from two warriors' battle scarred wounds
    Scars from the plans devised from the tombs
    The tombs where satan is sharpening his sword

the tombs of darkness where evil is lord

      Fiery darts are thrown with a mission to lodge

      In the lives of two warriors from planned sabotage

    For us to drink from the poisonous cup

    So as to tear down what God has built up

    Devised plans of capture from the demon set snare

  Devised plans against us of guerilla warfare

  War is declared by the prince of the air

    To cause us havoc, destruction and despair

       Attacks on our bodies, our emotions, and our minds

      As they wait on the battlefield to report all the signs

      Signs that would tell them we are battlefield weak

       So that even more destruction on us they will reek

But what is not seen is the spirit within us
 From a Sovereign God whose tactics we trust
   Tactics for the evil kingdom to shake and to rattle
     From the warfare of God and His Spirit led battle
  The war has been declared, the battles are on
  And from one week on the battlefield,
 one battle has been won
   Two warriors have declared victory
  from the first battle of this war
   Though wounded and bleeding
from a life threatening scar

    The fatigue of two warriors has taken its toll
       But their commitment to God will cause them to hold
       Hold on until the plans of next battle are snared
       Hold on until the second battles' victory is declared
      From the very Throne of God He has given His commands
       And placed Missions of Exploits in the warrior's hands

       These Exploits were ordained since the beginning of time
          And the time has now come for the acts to unwind
    Satan is prepared and determined to find
    All of the schemes that will allow him to bind
     He seeks the method to put him in the position
     To bind and render powerless the Exploits' mission
       Satan's warriors on the battlefield are staging

      Battlefield poises for the attacks of engaging
      Engaging the warriors for demonic driven waging
      While the battle against the warriors is continually raging
       Dressed for battle the two warriors' stand
       Carrying out marching orders from God's battle Plan
        Armored and Sworded against the defensive attack
     Launched against them for them to turn back

          But forward they were sent and forward they will go
           And the glory of God their Exploits will show
           Their two swords joined blazed with the fire
            That will enable victory so in God to go higher
        Two by two in His name they are sent
       To reverse the evil that satan had meant
    The ministry of the warriors where
   the foundation is being laid
   is starting a fortress which by
    the hands of God will be made

       Into a ministry where the sound of victory shall prevail
        For the lives they will snatch from the bowels of hell
         For the lives from their ministry who will show
 deliverance and healing

         For all the wounded souls whose surrender is willing
         The warriors' ministry is being tested and tried
       To shine like pure gold so in Him to abide
      The battles set before the warriors to endure
      For the war it's victory will be in place to ensure
     That through the warriors' willingness to answer their call
         A ministry was birthed to bring victory to all

    Written By: Carol Jackson
    Carol Jackson Ministries Inc.1999
    Visit her site by clicking on her name.
 I know you will be blessed.