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  The dictionary defines faith as:
 unquestioning belief in God.
Complete trust.
The Bible defines faith as:
Now faith is the substance
of things hoped for,

The evidence of things not seen
   Each of us is given a measure of faith.
  It took faith to even  believe there is a God,
 and to accept Him without ever seeing
 Him with our own eyes. 
 It also takes faith to believe He would
come to earth to suffer and die for us.
I look at faith as a seed
that's been planted in each
and everyone one of us. 
The Bible says in Romans1:17- 
For therein
is the righteousness of God
 revealed from faith to faith;
as it is written,
the just shall live by faith.

 We need to let the seed
of faith grow each time God
proves Himself to us.
Our faith is a mustard seed.
It's the smallest of all seeds,
but can grow to huge proportions.
  There are stages in the
growth of a seed,
 just as there are stages in
   the growth of our faith. So when
   we pray we must believe.
   He hears us.
And will answer us.

 Mark 9:23-
Jesus said unto him
 If thou canst believe, all
  things are possible to him
 that believeth.
  and Matthew 21:22-
  And all things
  whatsoever ye  shall ask in
   prayer, believing, ye
  shall receive.
 And Mark 5:28-
 For she said, if I may touch His
 clothes, I shall be whole.
This woman wasn't
a doubter she was a believer.
She knew all she had to do was just
touch Him to be made whole.

Some may say
 "Well I've prayed and He's not 
answered me or  He didn't answer the 
way I thought He should  have." 
Well God knows what's
 best for His children, there may
 have been disaster in some way 
for what you were asking for.
He still heard your petition.
Let us now take a look at faith in
 the light of the present tense action.
It's taking God's promises
and acting on them today. If we
look at faiths a right now faith
   for God's assurances,
we can see it's the stuff
that people of great faith are made of.
Because they're
 simply taking God at His word for
 that day or moment and living by it.
 faith is being sure of what we
 hope for at this moment.
It means knowing
something that's not see is real.
If you look at faith this way.

You'll realize great things from
 God way into the future.
But it's also believing Him for the now.

Genesis 12:1-9-
Tells about how God called Abraham
out of his own country to go  to a
place that God would show him.
So he packed up and 
moved, trusting in God even 
though he knew not
where it was he was going.

Romans 4:20-21-
 He staggered not at the promises
 of God through unbelief;
but was strong
in faith, giving glory to God.
And being fully persuaded that,
what He had promised He was
able to perform. And because he
trusted we all know of
his  miracle Isaac
and all the wonderful
promises of God fulfilled in .

Another good example is Noah,
God tells Noah to build an ark, because
 He's going to flood the earth.
And he didn't waver,
even though people
laughed and mocked him.
Because they didn't have
rain as we know it
today. There was a mist that came
up from the ground to
water their crops
and to supply them with water
But did that stop Noah?

No, Because he knew
on whom he could trust.
  We must all look at these
two and have that kind
 of faith. The kind that
even though we don't see something
or don't quiet know how
the outcome will
     be we'll trust Him,
and know that even
  though we don't
 He does and He knows best anyway.

 Hebrews 11:6-
But without faith it is
impossible to please Him:
For he that cometh to   
God must believe that He is,
and that He is a rewarder of
those who diligently seek Him.
Hebrews 10:23-
Let us hold fast the profession
of our faith without wavering.

For He is faithful
that promised. Let us not let the
enemy destroy what
God wants from us and
that is for us to have faith in
Him and trust that
He knows what's best for us.
Because truly we know
He knows us and loves
    us better than anyone.
Written By: Pam