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   My Sister Trish

            This page is dedicated to my sister Trish. She's not only my sister,
   she's also my best friend. She's always there it
  seems no matter what.
    When we were children it wasn't this way.
   We always fought and seems we would never
  be sisters, let alone friends. We were always on the outs.
            But praise God He knew our hearts desire.
           I believe ours was both the same thing.

We wanted to be close, and to be there for each other.
Well that's exactly what we are. We talk
  on the phone every single day. Sometimes
   four or five times a day. And we can always
    find something to talk about. I know she's
     always there for me and her husband William
     has told me before that she's been down and
        nothing he's done made her feel better.

  Then I'll call and talk to her for a little while, by
     the time we get off the phone, she's okay

I know there have been many days when
that's been the case for me also. She's been
there to come and stay with my kids when
I had a hysterectomy in Feb.2000.
And a week later me and my 2 girls stayed at
her house for a week. She watched the girls
while I rested and recuperated. She was
there for me when I had two wisdom teeth
cut out. She came to my house the day of
my girls while I rested for two days. Thank
God we were both blessed with husbands
who understand our need to be there for
each other. They both encourage our contact.
And my brother-in-law is like my own true
brother. He thinks of me as his sister also.

 And my husband thinks of my sister the
same way. Yes God has truly blessed me.
she's my absolute best friend.
Trish when you read, this I know you
 already know this but,
 Thank You God for this special person
I call my Sister.