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My Sister Kristie

My sister Kristie is a grown woman,

 But to me she will always be my baby sis. 

We have a lot of fun together.

 We don't get to see each other much, 

but boy watch out when we're together.

 We've been told we act just like kids. 

And that's okay to us. Cause it's fun! 

We've had sleep over's at my

 house with her me and  

Her daughter Bridget and my 

two daughters Sierra and Naomi. 

We stayed up till one in the morning. 

Watching movies and eating cake

 and pickles and chips and such. 

She also has her own website 

called God's Anointing

And it is so anointed and lead

by God. My sister Kristie is a

 blessing to me. And I love her

with all my heart. So Kristie know

 that I love you Baby sis! :)







Creations Of Praise