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    No one is happier than one who has sincerely

  repented of wrong. Repentance is the decision

 to turn from selfish desires and seek God. It is

    a genuine, sincere regret that creates sorrow

and moves us to admit wrong and desire to do


 Genuine repentance is a moving condition of

the heart that is testified and demonstrated by

our deeds. It's an inward conviction that

   expresses itself in outward actions.

  You look at the love of God and you can't

 believe He's loved you like He has, and it

 motivates you to change your life. That is the

    nature of repentance. So let me take a moment

    to ask, Do you know the Lord? Do you have a

    personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

 If not you could say the sinners prayer and

     find a wonderful loving God to be with you

   forever more. For guidance please e-mail me

 I'm here only to serve and for the glory of Jesus.

    The First Part Of This Was A reprint

     From Max Lucado's

  Inspirational Study Bible