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The Principles Of Faith

Proverbs 18:21- Death and life are in the power
of the tongue: And they that love it shall eat the
fruit there of. God has put whether we succeed
or fail in life in our hands, through the words of
our mouths.

According to this scripture we have the authority to  speak
 life and success, or death and defeat to our lives it's all
up to us. Begin to confess what the Bible says about
you, instead of what the devil and your  circumstances say.
Begin to let God's word have final authority, don't just go
 by what your feeling.

Faith is not a get rich or I get what I want plan. Romans 1:17-
says, The just shall live by faith. Faith is believing and acting
 upon God's word. Our faith is pleasing to God. When we are
 living by the word we please God. We can always anticipate
He'll do what He says He will.

Psalms 138:2-Tells us  His word is magnified above His name
therefore we can have the utmost confidence in the Lord and
 His willingness to act on our behalf. It will also do us good to
 remember there are opposing spiritual forces surrounding us,
 that are continually attempting to make God's word of
non-effect. Just remember the  manifestation of what
we have prayed for may take some time.

This is one area our faith develops and grows. How we act
 and talk during this waiting period can either add to our faith
 or subtract from it. It can mean victory or defeat. We grow
 from faith to faith, If there were no times of waiting how could
 your faith made stronger? Your trust in Jesus made deeper?

We are to strive daily to keep our lifestyles coinciding with
 God's word. Because any repressed anger, hatred, unforgiveness, resentment, or envy in our hearts can short-circuit our faith,
hindering us from receiving God's promised blessings. To help
remove any of these things from our hearts, have daily
communion with Jesus.

Read God's word daily. Drink of the water of life daily. How
can hateful attitudes  live in a heart full of the word? They
can't. We would also do well to remember, we cannot
act and then expect God to come in line with our actions.

God will come in line with His Holy word only. We're not to just
 act on a desire or something we may think is the right way.
This will not move God to get you out of your own jam. But
what will move God and still the enemies is our acting in faith.
An immovable unshakable faith. It's not just a matter of good
 works or how good we behave. It's trusting and believing in
 the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our Lord and  Savior
Jesus Christ. Don't ever doubt but always have faith.

  Written By: Pam

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