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The Warning

   As I look over My creation 

   And ponder what I'm seeing

   My heart sinks deep within Me

    At My creation of human beings


  Even though My love was free

 People would not have Me

 So sadly My anger I did hurl

And destroyed

My very own world

I thought I had a nation

Worthy of My creation

  They rejected My Only Son

 And still are waiting

for Him to come


My broken heart

 within Me fought

And then a had

 a brilliant thought

Before this world

 just lives to die

I'll give this creation

 one more try


I will build upon

 this rock a Church

Who will be noted

 for Holy worth

And My Spirit shall

 abide with them

To bring them

close to Me again


I recall the one hundred

and twenty souls

Who had within

them spiritual goals

They were all

on one accord

Awaiting the Promise

 of Their Lord


I came to them just as I said

With cloven tongues of fire

And by my Spirit

 they were led

To be lifted even higher


A revival was birthed

 after that day

The world was

never the same

So many souls

found their way

And realized why I came

I look upon

 My Church today

And wonder

 what went wrong

My blood is not

 enough to pay

For a list of sins too long


I look into

My Church Houses

That stand open in My Name

And what I see arouses

So much grief and shame


I see My Sheep

being led astray

By those who

say they're sent

Their calling will

I curse this day

Until they all repent


They perish for

 what they know not

And they tie

My Hands with chains

The Holiness they

 think they've got

Just makes Me

wrench with pain


Chosen by Me

they'll never be

Because lust of the

eye is what they see

With My Spirit

they battle and war

Because lust of the

flesh is who they are


My sheep are suffering

from so much need

But can't be helped due

to Shepherd's greed

The souls I put

 within their care

Are left so wounded

and spiritually bare


It was just the other day

My heart just broke in two

For One of My sheep

 who lost her way

And didn't know

what to do

    She called and asked a Pastor

  If He could break the yoke

  That had a hold upon her

As tightly as a choke


An appointment she

was told to make

And the Pastor

never arrived

Her very own

life she did take

Because no longer

 could she survive


Another case

which I did see

Involved a woman

 who was to be

A leader in My

Very Church

But she was treated

just like dirt


The Wolves she

 tried to fight

As she cried, pleaded,

and grieved

And the wolves

 continued to bite

And her right

mind she did leave

There's so many sad

 stories that I could share

As My heart just

bleeds within Me

The works of My Church

are full of despair

As I ponder how

 can this be?


I gave My hands to nails

I gave My back to smite

I put Myself in hell

And loved them

 with all My might


Still this is not enough

For My Church to

bring Me Glory

I can only be so tough

When I think of

this sad story


False leaders so


Their need you've

not discerned

I'll hold you

ever accountable

For your sickening,

pathetic concern


Is there anyone

to Hear Me?

Who can turn this

thing around?

And show the world

just what must be

And be rooted

 on solid ground


The creation of man made

 Me once repent

That I had ever made him

But still My Son

 I lovingly sent

And He saved them

from their sin


Will anyone listen and

heed my Word?

And hear My voice

 and learn

And trust in all that

 you have heard

Before my soon return


If you My People who are

 called by My Name

Would humble

yourselves and Pray

And repent from your

 wickedness to remove

 your shame

I will hear from

 Heaven this day


To heal your land and

 touch your souls

And Life in you will

 become whole

Don't miss the

chance to start anew

Because My work will

 soon be through


My Church this is

 My final plea

For you to obey

and Glorify Me

So soon it will be

 much too late

To hide yourself from

 judgment's fate


Be the Church who

shines so bright

Who from you

darkness flees

And liberty you all

shall have in sight

Because My Spirit frees


I will be looking

 upon the earth

To find in you what

I have birthed

Just keep your mind

 and eyes on Me

         For a Glorified Church you are destined to be

               Copyright Carol Jackson Ministries 1999. All Rights Reserved.






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