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                    The Power Of Prayer
        This page is dedicated to all those
            wonderful people  on the internet
           who when asked to pray took
             time to intercede in prayer for me.

              I know the wonderful power of prayer.
            I know God hears His children  when
            they come to Him in prayer. He has
           answered many a prayer for me  and
           my family. The most recent is for my
           computer, He has truly blessed me and
           my family with this computer. We not
           only get to publish our own Christian
           site, but are blessed by visiting other
         Christian sites. There are so many and
          I can't wait to see them all. The prayer
          before my computer was an operation I needed.
         Everyone was truly amazed at how well
        I did and how quickly I recuperated. One
          of my friends had made the comment, Pam
            you must have a direct line to heaven. Because
            your prayers are answered! All I could say to
              that was, My prayers are being answered
              because me my family & friends are praying
              for me. And not only them, but my mom asked
               our brothers & sisters in Christ on the internet
              to pray with her on my behalf. And because
              of your prayers my doctor was also amazed
              at how well I was coming along. So if someone
              should ask does prayer work I say "you better
              believe it!" To read of another answered prayer
               go to my mom's site to read Pamela's story.
             And to all you wonderful people who prayed
             for me THANK YOU! from the bottom my heart.
              Written By: Pam



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