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  This Page Is Dedicated To All The
   Sunday School Teachers.

 My church inspired me to do this page,
This Sunday we had Sunday School Teacher
appreciation day. I would Like to dedicate this
to all Sunday school teachers everywhere.

If these people of the Bible
were Sunday School teachers.
If Noah taught Sunday school his lesson
would be: Obedience to God is more
important than winning friends and
influencing people.

If Abraham taught Sunday school  his
lesson would be: Your blessings will out-
number the stars if your life shines with
faithfulness to God.

If Ruth taught Sunday school her lesson
     would be: Give your love without being asked for it.    

If Solomon taught Sunday school his lesson
would be: Even the wisest person will act foolish
when he allows others to distract him from God.

If Paul taught Sunday school his lesson would be:
If sin has made you blind,
God's holiness will make you see.

If Mary & Martha taught Sunday school their
lesson would be: Men & women are truly equal
in the eyes of the Lord.

If Elijah taught Sunday school his
lesson would be:
God can silence our
fears & discouragement with a whisper.

If the thief on the cross taught Sunday school his
lesson would be:
It's never too late to give your
heart to Jesus.

If Hannah taught Sunday school her lesson would
be: A blessing returned to the Lord
will be multiplied many times.

Author Unknown

   I would like to thank all Sunday
 school teachers for your time and devotion to
 teaching others of our precious Jesus.
 *** If you  have decided your too old for Sunday
school, then you are not as mature as you think***

1 Corinthians 12:28-
And God hath set some in the church
first apostles, second prophets, third
teachers; after that miracles, then gifts of
healing, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
James 3:1 My brethren, be not many teachers, knowing that
 we shall receive the greater judgment.

God has appointed teachers for the church. The capability
to teach is a gift from God, not to be taken lightly or abused.
It is an honor and a privilege to teach God's word, and
therefore teachers should be totally  dedicated to God and
 their calling. Teachers should have a burden to reach lost
 souls in their sharing of the gospel. Each lesson  should be
 prayerfully studied and prepared as the Holy Spirit directs.
Each student in the class should be brought before the
throne regularly. A teacher should have  the ability to
adapt their approach to the lesson to minister to the
 needs of each one present.

Young people are very intelligent in their ability to discern
from where a teacher is "coming from." If what one
 teaches is not apparent in one's own life, they tend
 to reject it as "unworkable." Young people need
 more than ever to have a teacher fully committed
to God and the gospel and anointed power- fully
with the Holy Spirit. Teaching from ones own
ability alone profits nothing. It is the anointing
that accomplishes what God desires.

The world has many attractions to lure young people.
A teacher must have much wisdom and understanding,
a genuine love for one's students to make an impact
on a young life. James warns that those who teach will
 receive the greater "judgment." There are many false
 teachers today, just as there were in the beginning;
Jude says "wandering stars" are spots and blemishes.
For who the blackness of darkness is reserved forever
( Jude 12 & 13 ) Jesus says His church will be without
spot and blemishes-a Holy  Church.

Ephesians 5:27 says-  Teaching should be an honor and
 a privilege.  Teaching is an opportunity to share Jesus and
win souls.  It is also an opportunity to help to grow and
 mature in the faith, and help them realize that Jesus is the
 answer to their every need or problem.  Teaching is a gift
for which to be thankful.

This article was written by my Mom Shirley  
Visit her new site, I know you'll enjoy it.