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                                            Official Declaration Of War
                                         By orders of the ranking official, in the name of Jesus Christ, of the Army of 
                                       the Living God, war is hereby declared on the forces of darkness to 
                                       commence immediately. The following orders of warfare
                                         are issued and are to be put into effect as soon as received.
                                       Prepare for battle my soldiers of the light
                                      Put on your armor and position yourselves to fight
                                       The trumpet has sounded so rise to your feet
                                        Take up your sword and get prepared to meet
                                   The soldiers and warriors of the satanic forces
                                            Equip yourselves and gather your sources
                                          Righteousness is on the front line so put on your breastplate
                                         in right standing with God, we will use this as bait
                                        The battalion of lies will initiate the major attack
                                            We will surround ourselves with truth to drive the enemies back
                                                 Pour on your feet the war ointment of peace
                                                So that everywhere you walk, confusion will cease
                                         Your faith will be attacked so lift up and stand strong with your shield
                                               So that the soldiers of doubt will flee from you on the battlefield
                                             Intelligence sources say that the enemy plans to come in like a flood
                                  against us
                                             But I have lifted up a standard against them so you must only trust
                                                 That the battle is not yours, but it belongs to Me
                                                  Yet you must be strong and stand so you may see
                                                    That it is not by power, it is not by might
                                                    But only by my spirit that you must fight
                                                So when fiery darts are aimed at you and thrown
                                                By My Spirit alone you will be shown
                                              That having done all, strong you must stand, don't even flinch
                                              Because every fiery dart aimed at you, I will stop and quench
                                             If you just keep your eyes on Me and look to the hills
                                            Then I can manifest in your lives, "peace be still"
                                            Even though weapons will be formed, they
                                            cannot prosper to bring harm to you
                                            And because of My anointing, your strength of your spirit will be renewed
                                            I am greater than any enemy on the battlefield
                                           And the greater one will not allow you to yield
                                           To surrender or defeat, to withdrawal or retreat
                                                Because when the war is over, you endured to the end
                                                  Copyright, Carol Jackson
                                   Carol Jackson ministries, inc. 1997

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