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   To My Mom
            This page is dedicated to my mom.
             I have the best mom in the whole world.
            She's not only my mom, she's also
            my friend. She's always there for
          me and my sisters. No matter
         what. She listens to us when
        we are going through rough
        times, she's there to rejoice with
        us through good times. And at
        times things get silly, and
         either she will make us laugh
          till the tears fall or we make her
          laugh till the tears fall.
         I love it when my mom comes
        to spend the night. She
        stayed the night over the
        Christmas Holidays.
        And we had so much fun
          watching movies, and talking.
          Laughing and just plain
          having fun. When I think of one
          word that describes my mom
          I would have to say that word
          would be LOVE. I think my mom
         is the best. Also I'm really
        proud of her. She made this
          background and many others you'll
          see on my site. Yep my mom's
         the best. Mom I love You!




    Creations Of Praise