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I Love You, Ben!


            My Brother Ben


                                          Let me tell you about my brother Ben. 

                                           He's about the best brother anyone could have.

                                       He's always there when you need him,

                                      always willing to lend a helping hand.

                                    My daughters 5 years, and 18 months

                                 just absolutely love him.

                                     Ben has that affect on people though.

                                     He seems to get along with anyone.

                                   He's a hard worker too,

                                    working  hard at his job, 

                                   and at anything anyone may ask him to do.

                                  He's been called by God to be a 

                               youth minister.   He also sings

                               for the glory of the Lord.

                                  He is single right now, but when

                                  God sends the right one he'll marry.

                                  He longs to have a wife and family, 

                                 but knows the importance of waiting on God!

                               Ben is a special individual, I'm fortunate

                                 that God chose to make us brother and sister.

                                  So Ben I know you already know but I love You!











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