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Updated November 2003


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit?

I felt like it was time to update everyone on the Multiple Scleroses,
I have seen the doctor numerous times and he still has the same prognosis,
 he says I still have M.S.. But I know that's only a temporary thing.
See I was visiting a site from a very special girl Tabatha.
 While I was there God spoke to my heart and told me I would be healed.
 I've held on to that since then, which was the year 2000.
 I have gone through some rough waters,
and Satan has tried to make me think I am not going to be healed.
He's had me so sick that I was a step away from hospitalization.
 I went through this for about 8 months,
 my white count was very high and my doctor couldn't tell me why.
 He just didn't know.
 I was on antibiotics for about 5 months out of this year.
 Well that was ok,
 because I was able to witness to people I probably would never have seen other wise.
 I believe what the devil meant for my harm,
 God used for good. Remember we are His Warriors!

I loved telling people about God and how he was going to heal me.
 I've had others ask how I could believe that when I'm still diagnosed with the disease?
  The only thing I can say is GOD DOES NOT LIE!!!!!!
I tell them I know what God said and that's all. I say healing takes time,
 a miracle is instantaneous.
 God said I would be healed so if I have to be patient so do they.
 All I can say is stand back cause God's at work!!!!!
 I have felt within the last few weeks a feeling of being made whole again.
 And confirmation to that was my sister Kristie telling me
about a man who carried around a prayer clothe for a very long time.
 He said he had been to several different churches
 and knew people who were sick, but never felt led to give it to anyone.
 Well as my sister was giving her testimony she asked
 them to pray for me that I had been diagnosed with M.S.
 He said when she said that he knew where the prayer clothe went.
 It went to me!!!!!! Hallelujah Praise God my healing has begun.
 When she told me that all I could do was bask in God's promise.
 I praise the Lord and His faithfulness.
 What would I do without my Jesus?
 I would perish!!!

But with Him leading the way no battle is going to destroy us!
   If anyone reading this has had a promise from the Lord
 that's not come to pass yet, I say HOLD ON!!!!
 Your Blessing is on it's way!!!!!
 It's been 3 years now and my blessings are coming
 so I know you can grow weary, but don't grow faint.
 GOD IS WITH YOU !!!!!!!
 Every step of the way he'll supply and meet your need.
Keep holding on to those nail scarred hands.
They'll never lead you astray.